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This week we visited Namrata and her team of amazing women in Bengaluru, India. Namrata started Two Up Two Down, a sustainable artisanal textiles company, which produces our stunning hand-dyed fabrics, all made by women. She empowers local women by teaching them skills so they can work and earn a living. Her team is extremely passionate and talented. 
We asked Namrata a few questions...

1. What did you learn from your mother?
I take great pride and feel fortunate to have had my mother Renuka as a strong pillar of support. An artist herself, she inspired me in many ways. We often spent time sketching and embroidering textiles. It was always her vision to see me self-reliant and financially independent. I am sure she would have been the happiest to see me grow year after year. I still seek her strength and inspiration, even though she has moved on from this physical world. 



2. How did you start in your field?
In 2009 I started Two Up Two Down, a craft-based brand, with a team of four weavers creating a range of exclusive textiles for domestic and international clients. However, scaling up was a challenge, hence in 2011 we embarked on a whole new journey to create textiles that encouraged women from different socio-economic backgrounds to explore different techniques. With small teams, we started to work on embroideries and developed interesting tie dye techniques. Our curiosity and eagerness to explore propelled us to discover the potential of shibori. Today we are a team of 12 core team members who carry out different stages of the process, although they are all able to carry out work independently whenever required. All of the women live in surrounding areas of the unit. They are aged between 25 and 50 years old.
3. What do you like most about working with your team?
My team is like my extended family and we work in harmony with each other, understanding individual strength and abilities. We all have grown together learning this craft on our own and bringing the best out in our own unique ways. Every day is a new day and we are always excited about doing something new. They are empowered to now envisage design and understand colour to a greater extent. And this clearly reflects their dedication and consistent effort to keep getting better at what they do! We are a happy growing team.