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Collaborative Spirit: The Power of Partnership in Showcasing Australian Fashion


ILIO NEMA is proud to partner with Showroom-X for the #WeWearAustralian campaign, an initiative that unites and uplifts the Australian fashion industry. Launched in 2020, this campaign emerged as a response to the challenges posed by COVID-19, aiming to support local designers, makers, and the entire fashion community. It serves as a testament to our dedication to the industry and our belief in the value and design of Australian fashion.   




The We Wear Australian campaign radiates with an undeniable sense of the joy and inspiration of Australian fashion. It is a celebration of the unwavering resilience, boundless creativity, and extraordinary talent that defines Australian fashion designers. Together, we can ignite a transformative wave of change and foster a future brimming with endless possibilities for the industry. We stand united in showcasing the enduring spirit of Australian fashion and inspiring the world with our unique vision and unwavering passion.




We Wear Australian partnered with non-for-profit Thread Together to donate $1 from every garment sold throughout the campaign via Showroom-X. By combatting waste, we give back to the community, and help to preserve our planet. Join us in supporting Australian brands, to support Australian communities.


The campaign is a vivid testament to the incredible resilience and extraordinary talent that define the Australian fashion landscape. United with Showroom-X, we take pride in our shared commitment to #WeWearAustralian, extending an invitation for you to join us on this remarkable journey. Together, let us nurture a future where Australian fashion thrives, where dreams take flight, and where the indelible spirit of creativity illuminates every corner.


ILIO NEMA acknowledges the traditional owners of the land in which we showcased throughout this campaign, the Menang people of Kurrah Mia, and their surrounding communities. The Menang people's continuing custodianship of our land (Boodja), the water (kep) and the fire (kaarl)' is something we will now carry with us on our journey of learning. We pay our respects to their elders past, present and young, with particular thanks to Vernice Gilles who welcomed us to the land and shared the voice of her community.


Discover #WeWearAustralian at Showroom-X


Photography @pierretoussaint and cinematography @justin_griffiths