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This weekend is Greek Easter - a special cultural tradition we both love to celebrate with our families.

The celebration takes place over three days with a late-night candlelit mass on Saturday night marking the resurrection of Christ. At midnight Greeks and Cypriots have traditional soup and joyfully crack Easter eggs with their family and friends. The eggs are traditionally dyed red and are a symbol of immortality and renewal, and are often highly and intricately decorated akin to a piece of art.

Katia this year celebrates with her Yiayia and Pappou, both 93 years of age and married for 71 years. Katia loves every celebration she shares with her inspirational grandparents who are still the life of the party.

Kalo Paska!

Katia and Ariane 


Katia, her mum and her Yaya, at home: 3 generations of women wearing ILIO NEMA

Katia, her mum and her Yiayia at home cracking eggs. Three generations of women wearing ILIO NEMA